Our products

We are proud to offer you an incredibly diverse range of floor coverings. Whether hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, floating floors, carpets or rugs.


If your typical day includes footprints, a wet dog, grape juice stains and maybe even a skateboard, vinyl flooring is exactly what you need. Durable and resistant, vinyl will not fade or stain. Now available in planks, tiles or traditional sheets, this floor covering can adapt to any space and create a lot of style with several options to choose from.

Wooden floorboards

Looking for the beauty of a real wood floor, without concern for maintenance or damage? Look no further than the high-performance luxury vinyl now available with a wide selection. Designed to capture the style and appearance of natural wood, they look so much like real wood, they could fool your guests… or even you!

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles are an option to consider in high traffic areas. Durability, low cost and ease of maintenance make it a very attractive option. Resistant to abrasion and damage from ground impact, this type of floor can also easily be repaired! VN Planchers Experts offers a diverse inventory of vinyl tiles that are very similar to wood, stone, terrazzo and concrete.

If a vinyl product interests you, schedule an appointment in store and rest assured that our consultants will guide you to the right product for your living space.