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We are proud to offer you an incredibly diverse range of floor coverings. Whether hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, floating floors, carpets or rugs.


Known for its natural elegance, hardwood is available in several varieties, finishes and prices. Hardwood can be engineered or massive. While massive hardwood is closer to the resource itself, engineered wood consists of a high-quality hardwood top layer supported by composite materials. Never going out of style, hardwood flooring offers many natural varieties for any decor: boards with “extreme” character, graining, infinite color choices, glossy or matte, etc.

Hardwood floors offer many benefits. In fact, wood products are a long-term option that adds value to your home. They offer a classic, warm look and come in a variety of colors. Easy to maintain, they can often be repaired and restored, even after years of wear. Wood is a renewable resource, and the most earth-conscious will be happy to learn that its growing and harvesting practices offer an environmentally friendly option for all homeowners with materials like cork and bamboo.

Here are some of the types of hardwood flooring available at VN Planchers Experts.

Engineered wood floors:

In order to retain all the benefits of real wood in areas where hardwood floors are not recommended, engineered wood is the natural choice. Excellent for installations in the basement, for radiant floors, on concrete surfaces or for any room with changing conditions. In short, an ideal compromise for wood flooring, with an installation similar to that of laminate flooring.

Massive wood floors:

This type of flooring offers beauty, durability, structural strength and long life. It fits well in any room of your home. The hardwood floors we offer come from the company Mercier. This manufacturer is known for delivering a product with the highest quality industry standards. Our massive hardwood contributes to the value of your property and will meet all your expectations.

Bamboo floors:

Bamboo is an attractive alternative because of its many similarities to traditional hardwood. Bamboo floors offer strength and durability, while having the advantage of being environmentally friendly. Moreover, this type of wood is also resistant to insects and moisture.

If a hardwood floor interests you, schedule an appointment in store and rest assured that our consultants will guide you to the right product for your living space.