Our products

We are proud to offer you an incredibly diverse range of floor coverings. Whether hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, floating floors, carpets or rugs.


Used in homes for centuries, today stone and ceramic tiles are found in a wide range of styles. Traditional, ancient, modern, chic, set your imagination free. The tiles are available in a wide variety of patterns and finishes to be tailored to your decor. Thanks to the material’s durability, the style you choose will keep looking great for years!

Ceramic tile floors:

Made from clay and baked to perfection, ceramic tiles have been part of interior design since ancient times. They exude a natural elegance, vibrant hues and unique textures. Ceramic tiles offer an affordable option with striking visual appeal.

Both chic and classic, ceramics and porcelain floors always make a good impression. They are elegant and always in style, with a timeless charm. Don’t be fooled. Tiles are not only ideal for the kitchen or bathroom, our styles can captivate and adapt to any room in your home.

Porcelain tile floors:

Heated to very high temperatures, porcelain is characterized by a variety of color palettes that makes it difficult to distinguish from natural stone. During its design, it is forged at high temperatures, making it remarkably durable. Our porcelain tiles are perfect for both the internal and external use.

If tiles interest you, schedule an appointment in store and rest assured that our consultants will guide you to the right product for your living space.